23 February 2008

It's been a long time...

... way too long, since we have updated our blog spot. Unfortunately our access to the internet is still very limited. We know that it is hard for some of you to believe that there are still places in the world where 24 hour internet access is not the norm. ☺ Hopefully we won’t fall into that category for much longer. They have begun running the cable lines in our town and ‘say’ that we should have access by mid March. Though, we’ve lived in Hungary long enough to know not to hold our breath’s.

Progress is moving forward on our house. The bathroom is almost completely finished. The tile work is done. The sink was hung
Wednesday night. And we are looking for the right shower wall to complete the project.

Robby, some friend’s of ours son, is with us right now. He will be with us for six weeks.
He and Joska have set up a weight room in the old post office, which the men in town are looking forward to using. Now they have begun working on the walls and floor of the second bedroom.

Unfortunately that means that Robby finds himself camping out in the living room amidst several boxes and things that have been removed from the bedroom until the tile is completed.

08 November 2007

still working

Progress is being made on our house.

The bathroom is starting to look more and more like a bathroom.

The gas pipes are installed. Today we had the inspection and they promise that tomorrow they will install the meter. After that the gas can be turned on. Hooray!

Joska did the finishing work around the three new windows in the back of the house.

Peti and Mark came out and helped during their fall break. They did the mozaic in four of the door jams. Don't you agree that it looks great?

06 November 2007


We had the wonderful blessing of visitors early this fall.

Ildiko, Joska's mom, and Gero, Joska's nephew, were with us for five days. We really enjoyed our time together. It was a blessing to have them with us.

In the middle of their visit we also had Wayne and Greta Meece with us. Wayne is our new field coordinator with Team Expansion. We were blessed to have them with us as well. Together we all had a traditional Hungarian "Bogracs" of Hungarian Gulyas. It was fabulous! Wish you could have all been here!

04 October 2007

Summer's Over

Summer has come and gone, it seems so quickly. Sometimes we wonder where the time went, but then we remember...

We had several ministry outreaches this summer, in Boly, Kiskunmajsa, Kubekhaza, Cegled, Kiskunhalas and twice in Balatonszemes. Most of these outreaches were English camps together with some baseball, crafts and film clubs. One of the time in Balatonszemes was a large conference, an extension of the 'Keswick" conference from England. Most of our summer was occupied by these events with planning, preparing, back and forth to the office for supplies and traveling to and from these towns. However, evrey spare moment we had at home was spent continuing the work on our house. It certainly did not progress very quickly, but now we are getting back to work.

Here is some of the progress since the beginning of June. Drywall was put up on all the ceilings and new windows put into the bathroom and toilet, with some help from our friends.

Another friend helped install the furnace and conect it to all the radiators and floor heating.

We painted the ceiling in our bedroom and in the entry room. And we tiled the floor in the entry room.

And finally we got the tub installed. It may not look like it, but it is usuable. And we are still using it in this condition. Joska is commited to finishing the bathroom this month. :) We can hardly wait!

25 May 2007

Girls too can have some fun!

Boys and their toys

14 May 2007

It's been a long time!

Sorry that we haven't updated our blog for so long. Life has been (and still is) crazy. Just haven't made it a priority.

We had a good time in the USA, although we were also very glad to return home, to Hungary. We traveled in 11 states during our three months in the USA, met with many of our friends and saw some great sites. We put many, many miles on our friends car. (Thanks again!) We lost track of how many different beds we slept in. And almost had a three day return trip.

Since our return we have enjoyed getting back into contact with many of our friends. We have busily been working on our house.

We have had visitors to help with the work from both the USA and Austria. We have been able to participate in ongoing outreaches in Balvanyos. And we have been putting together this summer's OVM outreach schedule. It looks like we will participate in 7 different OVM outreaches from June through September.

Work on the house is coming along. As usual not everything has worked out as planned. (Do they ever?) And things never go quite as quickly as we can work through them in our minds. Just this past Saturday (May 12) we poured the floors in the bathroom and toilet. Most of the water pipes have been run. The kitchen floor is mostly tiled.

One bedroom floor is completely finnished (thank you Duane, Bill and Dan). But there is still much more to be done. Regardless we are planning to move in this coming weekend (mainly because where we have been staying they have guests arriving), and I am so looking forward to unpacking our suitcases for the first time since last November.